About 0xpay

Discover what 0xpay means to your online business and how in can increase your clientele.

For whom?

0xpay can be used with any online business in terms of processing crypto

Custodial Crypto Projects

Use 0xpay API to access more chains or tokens, have less price impact on swaps and faster transactions.

Centralized Exchanges
Enchance Crypto Infrastructure


Start accepting crypto deposits. Create bulk withdravals in fiat and crypto. Manage and configure users crypto wallets for your service.

Betting Platform
Software Provider
Start Accepting Crypto

Payment Service Providers

Set up your crypto processing with 0xpay features. Create full-featured mobile wallets with SDK kit. Use 0xpay on custom conditions.

Fiat-to-Crypto Exchanges
Create Crypto Infrasctructure

Suitable for any business

0xpay architecture is perfect for many use-cases: whether just for accepting crypto or building an entire crypto project with 0xpay API – it will still work fast and safe.

Why 0xpay?

Reliable crypto gateway

Fast Integration

0xpay was made as a comprehensive crypto API, at the same time it is understandable and easy to integrate in any business

Licensed & Compliant

0xpay is a fully licensed cryptocurrency provider registered in Lithuania. We are committed to compliancy and operate in accordance with industry regulations

Built-in exchange API

Except of processing API you can integrate a full-featured Exchange into your project to let your users swap crypto in seconds on your website

Top-class safety included

Each operation is performed by an audited smart contract with additional security solutions. Nothing like leaks, frontrunning and hacks is possible

A perfect place to keep funds, control them and manage your business


Control with just a dashboard

Operate your business account as fast as your personal hot-wallet. Generate checks & invoices and stake funds in protocols.


Complete operations in no-time

0xpay has fiat-crypto merchants, auto withdraw and crypto exchange inside. Nothing can stop you from delivery of lightning-fast services.

We offer additional services

0xpay API Dashboard

This is a browser application that can be used from any device. Here you manage your crypto-business.

SaaS Platform Soon

Deploy everything you might need to start your payment business in shortest terms possible.

Mobile SDK Soon

Develop a full-scale crypto wallet (iOS or Android) for your ecosystem in a matter of days!

Bring new clients to 0xpay and receive 20% of their fees

Build a lasting passive income stream! Invite a business owner to use 0xpay and receive rewards from paid fees!

Invited merchants


0xpay Partner



Pays $10000 fees

Gambling Platform

Pays $30000 fees

Crypto Project

FAQ about 0xpay cryptoprocessor

0xpay can either make a bridge between your business and the cryptocurrency market, or be used as a lego box with crypto infrastructure to your choice. With 0xpay you can start receiving crypto payments, create your crypto wallet or set up own centralized exchange with no complex coding approach.

An account can be created <0>here</0>, then you can create a <1>merchant account</1> using this link. Once merchant account created you just need to pass short Know-Your-Business procedure and the API integration could be started immediately!

0xpay has successfully passed smart contracts audit. Also, there are additional security options wh help to keep your funds safe. But even you can set the auto-withdraw feature and keep your funds on the cold wallet or in fiat currencies, making it impossible to complete a fraud.

0xpay is a fully licensed cryptocurrency provider registered in Lithuania. We are committed to compliancy and operate in accordance with industry regulations.

0xpay is the newest crypto payments processing API on the market. It has gathered the most-needed features for crypto and fiat businesses under one hood and combined them with almost the cheapest fees among competitors (0.4%). In addition, 0xpay now has the widest list of blockchains/tokens available and provides crypto projects with necessary tools to prosper!